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New collection of moroccan pouffes

Here's our new collection of moroccan pouffes ! A fine combination of tradition and modernity . Their design and manufacturing are a legacy of the moroccan craftsmanship and we added one or two major improvements :  their colors .
you can choose between 21 colors to easily decorate your home : funky, classical, baroque or modern, our Poufs have their place in your house.

The origin of our moroccan pouffes

Our bean bags are genuinely moroccan, entirely handcrafted in Morocco specifically in Marrakech . They are made in the tradition of the local leather craft.

Leather and vegetable tanning

Our Poufs are made of genuine high quality goat leather to offer a perfect comfort . This leather doesn't smell due to the "Leather Bio Ethics" vegetable tanning process . The raw material for tanning barks are wattle and pigeon droppings
This way of tanning is getting more and more uncommon, and the tanneries of Marrakech and Fez are the last to use these eco-aware products.

Our embroidery

All embroideries connecting the different parts of the pouffe are made with  silk of aloe  . It takes about 40 hours for a skilled craftsman to design a pouffe of this quality.

Fair trade

Of course, we strive to make our collection in a logic of fair trade wich means paying  craftsmen, leather workers and tanner at the right price.

One year warranty

Given the premium quality of our leather pouffes, we offer a one year warranty, knowing that our Pouf have a more than ten years lifespan.


We don't stuff our Poufs to avoid extra costs of transport, but it will be very easy to fill them with your old clothes.

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